Aliens & Mafia Susegaad

Aliens & Mafia Susegaad

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Dr. Alexander Philip moved from the land of God's own country-Kerala, to the land of Sun Sand and Sex-Goa in search of job. His intolerance to injustice and corruption made his life difficult in a foreign land where he was treated as alien or Ghatti. Soon he realised that the entire administration is controlled by an underground organisation known as Club Susegaad. They controlled the administration indirectly through their political party and their corrupt unethical ministers. This club and the mafia was controlled by a brothel madam Fatima. She had feelers in every departments. All corrupt politicians and even police officers were in her mafia gang. Through drug trafficking and prostitution the mafia members amassed huge wealth. One of the members Andrew Akbar kidnapped a college girl during a cultural event. Principal, Dr. Alexander Philip was worried because of this abduction. Though he tried to rescue her none of the authorities helped him, instead they accused him for that abduction. He was transferred to difficult stations as punishments by the authorities. Where ever he was posted he unearthed the corruption and exposed the double standards of his superiors. A newly appointed DGP decided to clear up the underground drug mafia gang at any cost and decided to nab them during the funeral of a Susegaad member.Finally hegot anold file named Maruti 800. ... tohand overto Christopher bymistake, photo copies of Form 29 and Form 30 and eventhe repairing bills, service station bills, date of oilchanges ... a€œSara, Isold that old car to him about six years ago.

Title:Aliens & Mafia Susegaad
Author:T. M. Konni
Publisher:Partridge Publishing - 2014-12-24


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