Algebra And Number Theory

Algebra And Number Theory

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This study demonstrates the key manipulations surrounding Brauer groups, graded rings, group representations, ideal classes of number fields, p-adic differential equations, and rationality problems of invariant fields - displaying a command of the most advanced methods in algebra. It describes new developments in noncommutative valuation theory and p-adic analysis.To prove c) it is therefore enough to show: e) Cor^(H3(Cp, .n)) = 0 To prove e) we require the following lemma: LEMMA 2.8. ... In section two we recalled the definition of the Sn lattice Y. In the first result of this section we recall why this lattice is important in the study of the center of the generic division algebra. ... We can view a as an element of H2(Sn, F(Y)*} and then use it to define a crossed productanbsp;...

Title:Algebra And Number Theory
Author:Mohammed Boulagouaz, Jean-Pierre Tignol
Publisher:CRC Press - 1999-11-09


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