Alex 'n Bender

Alex 'n Bender

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Alex Carey and Bender Baxter had been friends since early childhood. Now, approaching their sixteenth birthdays, Alex is drowned in the Latoon River in a tragic diving accident. While Bender goes for help, Alex is mysteriously rescued, but unconscious, never sees his savior. Assuming him to be Jubel Owens, a local hermit, Alex and Bender set out to find and thank Old Jubel. What lies across Old Jubel's Bridge in the Oregon wilderness area known as Old Jubel's Woods are the answers to age-old questions; questions the white man has been seeking answers to since first discovering the Oregon Territories. Alex and Bender are about to find out what the local Indians have always known but would never consider sharing with the white intruders from the east. The Native Americans knew what the outcome would be if the white man ever discovered the truthDoc asked, throwing a wet blanket on Alexa#39;s idea of what had happened. a€œIt does ... I dona#39;t see how that could have happened unless Jubel is one tough customer, a€ Doc said, smiling. ... He looked up as he heard a car turn into the driveway.

Title:Alex 'n Bender
Author:C. Foertmeyer
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-01-01


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