Al-Qaeda Hunter

Al-Qaeda Hunter

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Chris seems to have everything-a loving, supportive family, a beautiful fiancA‰e and a job in the military. Little do they know about the real nature of his dangerous work as an Al-Qaeda Hunter. They only knew that he was in the army and involved in some type of government affair. In his latest assignment, Chris is sent to Saudi Arabia then a mission in Afghanistan. He must attend school, at the same time track down Al-Zereh, codenamed Youri-a dangerous man who trains Al-Qaeda troops near Chahar Borjak. Will the Al-Qaeda Hunter succeed in capturing his prey? Or will the hunter become the hunted? Read and find out as the exciting events unfold in Douglas Nix's gripping novel.I began to get lots of respect from the class; the professor asked me a question, a€œ Where have you been getting this information from?a€ I told him I ... I told him I wanted to start a computer repair shop, somewhere; my hometown is too dull, lots of old people and not a good place for a shop. I had started ... a€œYes, a€ he said, one near where I stayed; we ate then went back to my room, and we studied for a while.

Title:Al-Qaeda Hunter
Author:Douglas Nix
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-06-14


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