Air Logic Control for Automated Systems

Air Logic Control for Automated Systems

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As industrial processes become more and more automated, Air Logic Control (ALC) becomes increasingly important. As the use of ALC becomes more widespread, the need for designers, engineers, and technicians with a working knowledge of ALC technology grows significantly. Air Logic Control for Automated Systems provides the means for anyone involved with control systems to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to implement and maintain ALC for automated manufacturing. The author focuses on the two types of ALC most often encountered: fluidics and Moving Parts Logic (MPL). He provides a thorough background on the subject, including the properties of compressible fluids, the fundamentals of pneumatics, and the fundamentals of logic systems, then delves into both moving parts and non-moving parts concepts and components. He discusses signal transmission, communications, electrical and electronic devices, plus the symbology, schematics, and flow diagrams related to ALC, and offers a complete overview of ALC system design. With this background established, the author presents three case studies of increasing complexity: a press control system, a parts sorting system, and a bottle filling system. These studies each offer a different approach to problem-solving and together they illustrate the alternative methods available in practice. Air Logic Control for Automated Systems thus offers technicians, engineers, and designers the foundation for understanding ALC. Armed with this knowledge, they are equipped to handle any number of implementation, programming, maintenance, and troubleshooting tasks with confidence.Schematics, . and. Flow. Diagrams. A working knowledge of graphical symbols for fluid power and electrical devices is ... 1 2 1 9 Graphical Symbols for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment and Accessories for Fluid Power Transmission Seeanbsp;...

Title:Air Logic Control for Automated Systems
Author:Rudy Wojtecki
Publisher:CRC Press - 1999-06-18


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