Ain't No Love in the Bean

Ain't No Love in the Bean

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Trapped in a life of crime in the streets of Boston, on Christmas Eve 1992, Troy Jenkins, an upcoming drug lord with a notorious reputation, and his wife, Karen Jenkins, are murdered by Troy's main comrade, Crook, over greed and jealousy, leaving his son, Jerome Jenkins, shell-shocked. News spread quickly about the murders, causing turmoil in the streets, and a lot of people sought revenge. Having close relations to Troy's father, Roy Barros, a rising detective in the Boston police force, is determined to find the perpetrator, only to find himself caught in the cross fire. Angel, Troy's protege, slowly starts to put the pieces together about his mentor's death but decides to take revenge into his own hands before revealing to Jerome who took his parents off the face of the earth. He soon finds out Crook is a different force of nature. Jerome grows into a man only to follow into his father's footsteps with one goal in life: to kill the people responsible for the loss of his parents. Along his way, he finds love with a beautiful young lady named Mercedes, and he decides to introduce her to his guardians only to later find out Mercedes is the daughter of Crook! This complicates the hell out of the situation because he is still unaware that Crook took his parents away from him. Trapped in a triangle, Jerome is forced to choose between hurting the only person he loves and avenging the deaths of the only bloodline he once had. Running out of time, Angel is forced to act sooner then he thought, but his plans backfire on him only to cost him his own life. An all-out war breaks out in this city, causing the truth and blood to spill on the streets of Boston.a€œYo cross over the park street to Alpha road and park on the left side of the road as soon as you turn down the hill, a€ Smooth demanded. Barros kept up to ... Smooth rolled down the passenger side window and stuck the tek-9 out, waiting for the appearance of the black jeep. a€œYeah! Follow dis ... Smooth fired the tek-9 at the jeep immediately shattering the windshield of the jeep wrangler. He continued toanbsp;...

Title:Ain't No Love in the Bean
Author:Jaron O'Bannon, Shongi Fernandes
Publisher:Author House - 2014-12-17


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