AH-64A gunnery performance

AH-64A gunnery performance

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This research evaluated the difficulty of establishing standards in the Army's helicopter gunnery manual (TC 1-140) for AH-64A crew gunnery performance. Thirty AH-64A crews from an operational cavalry brigade participated in three live-fire gunnery exercises during a 6-month period. Engagement time and target-effect measures were collected for 480 gun, 576 missile, and 470 rocket engagements. The results indicate that exposure time standards will be difficult for operational units to measure. Target-effect standards for gun and missile engagements can be achieved, but the standards for rocket engagements will be difficult to attain. The influence of several variables on gunnery engagement time and target-effect performance was estimated. Target distance had a major effect on gun performance. Also, the distribution of rocket impacts was shifted consistently to the right and short of the target. Finally, a method for establishing gunnery standards is recommended.FOREWORD The Army is revising its helicopter gunnery training manual (TC 1- 140; USAAVNC, 1990) . ... empirical data to demonstrate the timing and accuracy that Army aviators are capable of achieving with aerial weapon systems areanbsp;...

Title:AH-64A gunnery performance
Author:David B. Hamilton
Publisher: - 1991


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