Agile Software Development with Distributed Teams

Agile Software Development with Distributed Teams

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This is the digital version of the printed book (Copyright Ac 2010). All software projects face the challenges of diverse distances -- temporal, geographical, cultural, lingual, political, historical, and more. Many forms of distance even affect developers in the same room. The goal of this book is to reconcile two mainstays of modern agility: the close collaboration agility relies on, and project teams distributed across different cities, countries, and continents. In Agile Software Development with Distributed Teams, Jutta Eckstein asserts that, in fact, agile methods and the constant communication they require are uniquely capable of solving the challenges of distributed projects. Agility is responsiveness to change -- in other words, agile practitioners maintain flexibility to accommodate changing circumstances and results. Iterative development serves the learning curve that global project teams must scale. This book is not about how to outsource and forget your problems. Rather, Eckstein details how to carefully select development partners and integrate efforts and processes to form a better product than any single contributor could deliver on his or her own. The author de-emphasizes templates and charts and favors topical discussion and exploration. Practitioners share experiences in their own words in short stories throughout the book. Eckstein trains readers to be change agents, to creatively apply the concepts in this book to form a customized distributed project plan for success. Topics include: Understanding Distributed Development The Productivity Myth Ensuring Conceptual Integrity Trust and Mutual Respect Iterations and Releases Using Features to Steer the Development Effort Team Velocity Virtual Retrospectives Dispersed Synchronization Introducing Agility to Global Projects and much more... Qn., m, M, 195, Q Virtual team. See Team, virtual. Vodde, B., Ll, Qn., Q, Q, m, Qn., Q3, fin. VOIP, Q, Q, Qn., Q5 Walsham, G., E, M, aamp; Webcam, Q, Q, Q8, Q3, m, 173 Weinberg, G.M., 147%., Q8 Wells, D., Qn., aamp; White board, Q, Q, m, anbsp;...

Title:Agile Software Development with Distributed Teams
Author:Jutta Eckstein
Publisher:Addison-Wesley - 2013-07-15


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