Against Reform

Against Reform

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In Against Reform, John Pepall offers a stringent critique of proposed reforms to Canada's political institutions. Examining electoral reform, an elected or provincially appointed Senate and reduced terms for Senators, fixed election dates, recall, initiative, and parliamentary reform, including 'free votes' and parliamentary confirmation of appointments, Pepall contends that these reforms are ill-conceived and would be harmful. At the root of Pepall's critique is an argument that, in Canada today, too many voters are quick to blame institutions rather than their own conflicting interests and understandings when they do not receive what they want out of government. While considering influential factors such as academic and media bias, political fashion, and the American example, Pepall's unique and highly readable assessment takes aim at the practical and theoretical understandings of reform across party lines.It is clear enough, but it is a matter of judgment. No rule can ... A matter is not one of confidence just because whips say it is. ... Whatever MPs say or the press reports, it cannot simply do as it pleases and expect to whip its members into line.

Title:Against Reform
Author:John Pepall
Publisher:University of Toronto Press - 2010-10-16


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