Aftermath of the Dead

Aftermath of the Dead

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It seemed like any other accident, which happens thousands of times across the cities and towns, which make up America. But, this one on Highway 44 in St. Louis, Missouri was much different. So, different in fact, it changed the world. St. Louis, population 3 million, the gateway to the west. But, within, its city limits is the home of drug companies seduced by vast profits. A population and a world unprepared for what happens next. Unleashed without warning; an unknown chemical which when exposed causes the dead to rise and destroy the living. The results; a horrifying quick outbreak, which spares no one it encounters. Populations devastated, as the creatures destroy all semblance of society. Left over, the aftermath is a realm that is molded after the new ruling species. Aftermath of the Dead concerns the plight of what happens to the residents of St. Louis. The story of how the residents are forced to deal with and somehow survive this new reality. Deep inside themselves, people have the same sense, that there is no way in which to overcome the creatures!Lance says as he picks up his DirecTV remote control and turns on the television. Lance hita#39;s the guide button and selects KEJK News Channel 5, the local national affiliate. What pops onto his screen amazes him. There, from a helicoptera#39;sanbsp;...

Title:Aftermath of the Dead
Author:Gregory Smith
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-06


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