Afterlife Encounters

Afterlife Encounters

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Never-before-released research proves the dead communicate with us As a former hospice worker and director of the Elisabeth KA¼bler-Ross Center, Dianne Arcangel was certain that visitations from beyond death provided comfort and hope for loved ones still grappling with their loss. As a researcher, however, she was unable to find specific data to measure that comfort and hope. To remedy this lack of information, she created the Afterlife Encounters Survey, a five-year, international survival study. Afterlife Encounters reveals the results of this landmark study and, for the first-time, offers a systematic categorization of such encounters, explaining when these encounters are most likely to occur and what type of apparition is likely to appear. Afterlife Encounters presents not only the data, but also the stories beyond the numbers, as friends and family members relate their visitation experiences in their own words. Included are amazing stories of the dead returning to tell loved ones that they had been murdered and who it was that killed them; apparitions revealing where family treasure was buried; even one spirit who provided a remarkable account of the tragedies of 9/11a€”weeks before those events occurred. The stats and stories that Arcangel shares are certain to stay with you for a long time, as will her eye-opening conclusion: afterlife encounters provide real, lasting comfort and hope to an astounding 97 percent of those loved ones who experience them.She grinned, saying, a€œIta#39;s a standard joke around here...if a customer complains about a music box spontaneously playing part, or all, of its song, then ... Dad had always been my car advisor. ... The year before he died, I found a beautiful Toyota Camry at a large dealership. ... The engine had stopped, smoothly and completely, so this was not a case of reignition, and I did not have a remote control starter.

Title:Afterlife Encounters
Author:Dianne Arcangel
Publisher:Hampton Roads Publishing - 2005-09-02


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