After Shocks

After Shocks

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Susan Solari, Head of Security for InterTrans Telecom, will never forget the cold, dead, eyes staring out of the Mercedes trunk. They eyes of Tom Grand, CEO of InterTrans. Now she's on the trail of his killer. But the police already have a primary suspect, her. The cops, Grant's wife, and Susan's estranged husband, Terry, believe she was having an affair with the murdered CEO. And Terry means to do something about it. Something violent. Moving deeper into her investigation, Susan uncovers a world of corporate fraud, and something even more sinister: InterTrans executives coercing female employees to satisfy the desires of legislators who hold the future of the company in their hands. As Susan continues to delve into the morass of corporate corruption, a tangled web of sex, money and murder begins to surface. On a dark October night, she sets a trap for Grant's killer. The only thing she doesn't calculate is the terrible price she will pay. Susan Solari bursts on the scene in this stunning debut novel. Smart, tough, damaged. A woman in charge. A woman on the edge. qAFTER SHOCKS is a thrill a minute, filled with murder, intrigue and duplicity. Author Mike Kirkpatrick shines in his debut novel.q-Richard Sand, Award Winning Author qMystery fans rejoice. AFTER SHOCKS is the first book in the fast-paced Susan Solari series. Follow this smart, gritty lady as she exposes a mAclange of sex, greed, power, and murder. The ending is a knockout.q-John Hamilton Lewis, highly-acclaimed author of CRY HAVOC a SAMSARATom was an inspirational leader that created the vision for InterTrans. .. Perhaps his greatest legacy was the strong leadership team he left behind.a€ In other words , dear stockholders, no need to sell. I moved my car to the far right lane, anbsp;...

Title:After Shocks
Author:Mike Kirkpatrick
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-04


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