African Legal Theory and Contemporary Problems

African Legal Theory and Contemporary Problems

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The book is a collection of essays, which aim to situate African legal theory in the context of the myriad of contemporary global challenges; from the prevalence of war to the misery of poverty and disease to the crises of the environment. Apart from being problems that have an indelible African mark on them, a common theme that runs throughout the essays in this book is that African legal theory has been excluded, under-explored or under-theorised in the search for solutions to such contemporary problems. The essays make a modest attempt to reverse this trend. The contributors investigate and introduce readers to the key issues, questions, concepts, impulses and problems that underpin the idea of African legal theory. They outline the potential offered by African legal theory and open up its key concepts and impulses for critical scrutiny. This is done in order to develop a better understanding of the extent to which African legal theory can contribute to discourses seeking to address some of the challenges that confront African and non-African societies alike.Critical Essays Oche Onazi ... Inclusion depends on legal protection through the clear delineation of universal citizenship rights. ... in other words, what it means to say everyone should be entitled to citizenship rights independent of ethnic, racial, religious or other group loyalties. ... The case of illegal immigrants, of course, is quite different as they are unlikely to have access to any state guaranteed rights.

Title:African Legal Theory and Contemporary Problems
Author:Oche Onazi
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-11-26


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