Advances in Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Advances in Intelligent Tutoring Systems

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May the Forcing Functions be with You: The Stimulating World of AIED and ITS Research It is my pleasure to write the foreword for Advances in Intelligent Tutoring S- tems. This collection, with contributions from leading researchers in the field of artificial intelligence in education (AIED), constitutes an overview of the many challenging research problems that must be solved in order to build a truly intel- gent tutoring system (ITS). The book not only describes some of the approaches and techniques that have been explored to meet these challenges, but also some of the systems that have actually been built and deployed in this effort. As discussed in the Introduction (Chapter 1), the terms a€œAIEDa€ and a€œITSa€ are often used int- changeably, and there is a large overlap in the researchers devoted to exploring this common field. In this foreword, I will use the term a€œAIEDa€ to refer to the - search area, and the term a€œITSa€ to refer to the particular kind of system that AIED researchers build. It has often been said that AIED is a€œAI-completea€ in that to produce a tutoring system as sophisticated and effective as a human tutor requires solving the entire gamut of artificial intelligence research (AI) problems.An example of a CBM-Tutor is KERMIT/EER-Tutor, an ITS used to teach design entity relationship diagrams (Mitrovic et al. ... statements are generally ambiguous and for one problem there can be many acceptable and controversial solutions.

Title:Advances in Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Author:Roger Nkambou, Riichiro Mizoguchi, Jacqueline Bourdeau
Publisher:Springer - 2010-09-21


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