Advanced Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering

Advanced Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering

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Gathering an extensive range of mathematical topics into a plenary reference/text for solving science and engineering problems, Advanced Mathematical Models in Science and Engineering elucidates integral methods, field equation derivations, and operations applicable to modern science systems. Applying academic skills to practical problems in science and engineering, the author reviews basic methods of integration and series solutions for ordinary differential equations; introduces derivations and solution methods for linear boundary value problems in one dimension, covering eigenfunctions and eigenfunction expansions, orthogonality, and adjoint and self-adjoint systems; discusses complex variables, calculus, and integrals as well as application of residues and the integration of multivalued functions; considers linear partial differential equations in classical physics and engineering with derivations for the topics of wave equations, heat flow, vibration, and strength of materials; clarifies the calculus for integral transforms; explains Green's functions for ordinary and partial differential equations for unbounded and bounded media; examines asymptotic methods; presents methods for asymptotic solutions of ordinary differential equations; and more.Handbook of Mathematical Functions, Dover Publications, New York, 1964. CRC Handbook of Mathematical Sciences, 5th ed.. West Palm Beach, FL, ... Theory and Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations, Macmillan Co., New York, 1960. Ince, E. L., Ordinary ... Ordinary Differential Equations, Addison- Wesley, Reading , MA, 1958. Spiegel, M. R.. Applied Differential Equations. 3d ed., Prentice-Hall.

Title:Advanced Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering
Author:S.I. Hayek
Publisher:CRC Press - 2000-10-13


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