Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology VII

Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology VII

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This volume collects the refereed contributions based on the presentations made at the Seventh Workshop on Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology, a forum for metrologists, mathematicians and software engineers that will encourage a more effective synthesis of skills, capabilities and resources. The volume contains articles by world renowned metrologists and mathematicians involved in measurement science and, together with the six previous volumes in this series, constitutes an authoritative source of the mathematical, statistical and software tools necessary in modern metrology. Contents: Modeling Measurement Processes in Complex Systems with Partial Differential Equations: From Heat Conduction to the Heart (M Baer et al.); Mereotipological Approach for Measurement Software (E Benoit a R Dapoigny); Data Evaluation of Key Comparisons Involving Several Artefacts (M G Cox et al.); Box-Cox Transformations Versus Robust Control Charts in Statistical Process Control (M I Gomes a F O Figueiredo); Decision Making Using Sensor's Data Fusion and Kohonen Self Organizing Maps (P S Girao et al.); Generic System Design for Measurement Databases Applied to Calibrations in Vacuum Metrology, Bio-Signals and a Template System (H Gro et al.); Repeated Measurements: Evaluation of Their Uncertainty from the Viewpoints of Classical and Bayesian Statistics (I Lira a W Woger); Detection of Outliers in Interlaboratory Testing and Some Thoughts About Multivariate Precision (C Perruchet); On Appropriate Methods for the Validation of Metrological Software (D Richter et al.); Data Analysis-A Dialogue (D S Sivia); Validation of a Virtual Sensor for Monitoring Ambient Parameters (P Ciarlini et al.); Evaluation of Standard Uncertainties in Nested Structures (E Filipe); Linking GUM and ISO 5725 (A B Forbes); Monte Carlo Study on Logical and Statistical Correlation (B Siebert et al.); Some Problems Concerning the Estimate of the Uncertainty of the Degree of Equivalence in MRA Key Comparisons (F Pavese); Preparing for a European Research Area Network in Metrology: Where are We Now? (M Kuhne et al.); and other papers. Readership: Researchers, graduate students, academics and professionals in metrology.... Dynamic black-box test of the isolated executable software Dynamic white-box test of the isolated executable software Static analysis of the source code Manual inspection of the source code Manual inspection of the software documentationanbsp;...

Title:Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology VII
Author:P. Ciarlini
Publisher:World Scientific - 2006-01-01


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