Advanced Functional Molecules and Polymers: Synthesis

Advanced Functional Molecules and Polymers: Synthesis

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Organic polymers are the most fascinating materials in the modern industrial era and have emerged as one of the most valued classes of materials in our daily lives. Organic polymers offer widespread applications in many fields of science ranging from solid state technology to biomedical engineering. The applications of polymeric products cover almost every area of consumer products, such as telecommunications, the Internet, optical fibers, LEDs, displays, aircraft, audio-video systems, home appliances, sportswear, contact lenses, and computers. Almost every corporation and institute in the entire world is involved in some sort of polymeric research in one way or another because of their increasing demands. The superiority of polymeric materials is due to the aspects of their tremendous versatility and astonishing degree of tailoring, offering enormous advantages over traditional materials such as wood, ceramics, leather and metal. This first volume of the four-volume set of Advanced Functional Molecules and Polymers, consolidates all the current knowledge of the science and technology of polymers and other low weight molecular weight organic materials into a single reference source. It covers every single aspect of their science and engineering, drawing on two decades worth of research. The cutting-edge, state-of-the-art review chapters contain the most recent research in the field.The four volume set of Advanced Functional Molecules and Polymers consolidates the current knowledge of science and ... The topics include photodegradation and stabilization of polymers; properties of immobilized proteins; conduction ofanbsp;...

Title:Advanced Functional Molecules and Polymers: Synthesis
Author:Hari Singh Nalwa
Publisher:CRC Press - 2001


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