Adobe InDesign CS4 Styles

Adobe InDesign CS4 Styles

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Tap into the far-reaching potential of InDesign stylesa€”from simple drop cap formatting to cross-media export to XHTML. Styles have the power to transform how design and production professionals approach and accomplish any project. Adopting a style-centric workflow can reduce tasks that would normally take days to mere hours, and tasks that would take hours to minutes or even seconds. Less time spent on repetitive tasks means more time for creating your best work. This book explores every InDesign style to reveal its full potential. Throughout each chapter, youa€™ll pick up many tips and best practices gleaned from real-world experience. Two bonus chapters, a€œStroke Stylesa€ and a€œProject Planning with Styles in Minda€ are available for download. For a€œfigure it out as I goa€ designers, embracing styles still allow you to work intuitively on the page. And this guide helps break preconceptions and bad habits transferred from less powerful page layout applications that keep new InDesign users from working in far more satisfying and productive ways. Where InDesign is concerned, styles truly do equal substance.Keep Options allow specific instructions about what texta€”and how much ofita€” must stay together, and where text that uses a ... Analysis of the numerous variables trial affect how successfully a model will perform Cc ., a#39; aquot; C6351 and IL 302anbsp;...

Title:Adobe InDesign CS4 Styles
Author:Michael Murphy
Publisher:Adobe Press - 2010-04-09


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