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Actuality is Truth revealed in real terms as it applies to real life. Actuality is the science of our existence on a practical basis. After all, why shouldn't the Truth make practical sense to us? This collection of essays covers the basic elements of Actuality. Logical explanations, scientific data, appropriate analogies and common experiences illustrate the basis for a true and complete knowledge of our existence. Understanding WHO WE ARE is the basis for living a life of fulfillment. Answering questions related to OUR ORIGIN and REASON FOR EXISTENCE give us a breadth of understanding to navigate the minefield of physical life. Understanding what activities will lead to a life of FULFILLMENT gives us hope that not only can we attain true happiness in this lifetime, but we can find the means for achieving spiritual perfection.Using this sugar, along with water and other nutrients from the roots, the tree supplied the leaf with the energy it needed to ... So the poor leaf just sat on the ground, frustrated in its attempts to grow tall; 286 287 ACTUALITY ACTUALITY Essayanbsp;...

Author:C. W. Adams
Publisher:CW Adams - 2006-01


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