Abused God

Abused God

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This is an incredible book! The reader will understand the subject of spiritual abuse among Brazilian religious leaders, around the greater Boston area and how to respond to it in appropriate ways. There are powerful facts behind this book. It projects a powerful voice of passion and conviction. This book offers critical evidence that a significant number of Brazilian leaders have become dysfunctional and abusive. In this context, Rev. Dr. Pinto-Moura reports that the World Revival Church (hereafter WRC) is an example of a dysfunctional culture producing codependence. They seem to continually strive with combined elements of unbalanced and unorthodox doctrines, controversial government, disciplinary problems, irresponsible leadership - which result in explosive turmoil, division, wounded and confused sheep, and a derogatory reputation in their community. There are scores of people who have been deeply wounded by their experience with WRC. Religious addiction is identified and attacked as a part of this problem. It has been enormously traumatic. This book exposes this complex issue balancing facts with compassion. Developing a healing approach is needed. This supportive data is the result of scholarly studies and truths from the Bible. It substantiates a biblical response to the challenge to bring spiritual health to the Brazilian churches in the U.S. This book addresses healing strategies and explores possible solutions to the demoralizing problem of spiritual abuse. This book is revolutionary, prophetic and apostolic! The healing guidelines can be applied to any ministry and person experiencing the pain of leadership abuse. Rev. Dr. Regina Pinto-Moura is married with Apostle Jota Moura. They lead the Shalom International Baptist Community. She is ordained by The American Baptist Churches in Massachusetts. She has her Masters in Counseling Psychology and Addiction from Cambridge College. Her Doctorate is from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary for her studies in Ministry in Complex Urban Settings.This requires worship that allows expression of doubt as well as faith, questions as well as certainty, and embracing ... Fifth, worship and prayer open us to deeper levels of trust where wea#39;re enabled to live more openly, undefended, and ... The anointing with oil, the laying on of hands, and intercessory prayer are the main rituals that we use in the liturgy section at the end of the Brazilian worship service.

Title:Abused God
Author:Regina Pinto-Moura, Regina Johnson
Publisher:Xulon Press - 2008-11


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