Abraham Lincoln as a Man of Ideas

Abraham Lincoln as a Man of Ideas

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Abraham Lincoln was a skilled politician, an inspirational leader, and a man of humor and pathos. What many may not realize is how much he was also a man of ideas. Despite the most meager of formal educations, Lincolna€™s tremendous intellectual curiosity drove him into the circle of Enlightenment philosophy and democratic political ideology. And from these, Lincoln developed a set of political convictions that guided him throughout his life and his presidency. Abraham Lincoln as a Man of Ideas, a compilation of ten essays from Lincoln scholar, Allen C. Guelzo, uncovers the hidden sources of Lincolna€™s ideas and examines the beliefs that directed his career and brought an end to slavery and the Civil War. These essays reveal Lincoln to be a man of impressive intellectual probity and depth as well as a man of great contradictions. He was an apostle of freedom who did not believe in human free will; a champion of the Constitution who had to step outside of it in order to save it; a man of many acquaintances and admirers, but few friends; a man who opposed slavery but also opposed the abolition of it; a man of prudence who took more political risks than any other president. Guelzo explores the many faces of Lincolna€™s ideas, and especially the influence of the Founding Fathers and the great European champions of democracy. And he links the 16th presidenta€™s struggles with the issues of race, emancipation, religion, and civil liberties to the challenges these issues continue to offer to Americans today. Lincoln played many roles in his lifea€”lawyer, politician, presidenta€”but in each he was driven by a core of values, convictions, and beliefs about economics, society, and democracy. Abraham Lincoln as a Man of Ideas is a broad and exciting survey of the ideas that made Lincoln great, just as we celebrate the bicentennial his birth.Lerone Bennett, in a€œDiffering Perspectives on Abraham Lincoln, a€ in Booknotes: Storiesfrom American History, ed. ... 1910), 30; David Donald, a€œGetting Right with Lincoln, a€ in Lincoln Reconsidered: Essays on the Civil War Era (New York, 1960), anbsp;...

Title:Abraham Lincoln as a Man of Ideas
Author:Allen C. Guelzo
Publisher:SIU Press - 2009-01-26


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