A Voice from the Restroom

A Voice from the Restroom

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Calvin is having a rough week. His plane is late, a billboard nearly slices him in two, a train almost runs him over, and he completely destroys the property of a technology giant. As if that wasna€™t enough, he is now facing a man holding a gun to his face. All of this because Calvin thought he heard God tell him to a€œsave my people.a€ Of all places, he heard it while he was in the airport restroom. Detective Tommy Raya€™s investigation will lead him to cross paths with Calvin, pranksters Jerry and Ben, and Janiyah, a high school student who also is hearing voices. As their stories begin to overlap, the question begins to form: Is this just the result of a coincidence and a great prank, or is this happening for a reason?She came, with her mom, to return a Sharp DVD player she had received as a gift . Unfortunately for her, Jerry was covering customer service when she arrived. Jerry knew what the problem was immediately; it was a common problem thatanbsp;...

Title:A Voice from the Restroom
Author:Carey Ward
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2015-08-06


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