A Trouble Free Computer In 5 Easy Steps

A Trouble Free Computer In 5 Easy Steps

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Would you like a computer that never gives you problems ? Prevention is better than cure. Yes/No ? There is no book on the market like this. If you own a pc this book will be invaluable. It specifically shows, teaches and explains why and how you can have a trouble free computer WITHOUT any antivirus protection !! We have all been bainwashed into believing A/V/Protection is an absolute must. There is too much money at stake for them to tell you different now, isn't there ? I have never had A/V/P I never will. My pc runs completely trouble free. What have you got to lose ? Whatever genre or age, or even if you are a pc novice this book is easy to understand, designed specifically for you. You will NOT need a pc repair man again !! The IT world will HATE this book. You will LOVE it. Please watch my YouTube video about the book and myself below. Joe BurgeAs you can see, next to where it says 16 heads there is a diagram clearly showing where to position the pins if using the hard drive as your Master Drive. If you look at the back of your old hard drive you will notice there are a similar set of pinsanbsp;...

Title:A Trouble Free Computer In 5 Easy Steps
Author:Joseph Burge
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2009-03-19


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