A Time of Demons and Angels (Before the End, #1)

A Time of Demons and Angels (Before the End, #1)

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The world has always been divided into good and evila€band some humans are called to fight for one or the other. If youa€™re calleda€bwould you fight? Cassandra Graystone and others like her are born to battle the proliferating demons as the end-of-days approach. She is fated to receive the sword of the angels, warrior-beings who will stand beside her as she battles the demons for herself, her family, friends, and for the last remnants of humanitya€“for afterwards those remaining will have one last chance to save their souls. They must fight and they must win. Since she was a child she knows and sees things other people dona€™ta€bwhen someone will die or when a demon lurks beneath a human skin. She sees them. Yet she craves a normal life singing out with her musician brother, Johnny, and caring for her elderly aunt and uncle; to be with her friends, Sarah, a psychic, and Walter, a carnival clown. But when Sarah sees apocalyptic events in Cassandraa€™s tarot cards and demons are everywhere, Cassandra fears shea€™s either going insane or something terrifying is truly happening in the world. Rayner, an ancient blood demon is obsessed with her. Never having felt pity or affection for a human before he believes he loves her. The demon realm gathers for the final confrontation, Rayner warns. The apocalypse comes. You and your friends must prepare. Cassandra flees that knowledge until an angelic being, Manasseh, tells her: Your powers will grow. Fight for humanitya€™s survival after the first wave is taken and seek out others like you. Persuade them to join the battle. Only these chosen can see and challenge the demons until the end when all eyes will be able to see them. She doesna€™t want her life to change, be anyonea€™s protector, doesna€™t want to be a nomad who battles demonsa€buntil catastrophic events force her to and she can no longer deny her destiny. She and her friends must take to the road; they must fighta€bor see the remnants of humanity consumed in flames.**He called Sarah in St. Louis and they talked for a long time. Shea#39;d had her own troubles that day. Shea#39;d lost her home ... He drove his a#39;96 Ford F350 XLT fourdoor crew cab pickup to St. Louis. He took his time, kept his eyes and ears open, andanbsp;...

Title:A Time of Demons and Angels (Before the End, #1)
Author:Kathryn Meyer Griffith
Publisher:Kathryn Meyer Griffith - 2015-09-25


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