A Synopsis of Biology

A Synopsis of Biology

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A Synopsis of Biology summarizes the entire field of biology using a telegraphic style. The discussions are organized around seven themes: form and structure (morphology); functions (physiology); organism and environment (ecology); evolution and heredity (genetics); plant classification (systematic botany); animal classification (systematic zoology); and applications of biology (applied biology). Comprised of seven sections, this book begins with a detailed account of the morphology of living and non-living things, followed by an assessment of the origin of life. The reader is then introduced to reproduction (vegetative, sexual, and asexual); plant and animal tissues; seeds and seedlings; and metameric segmentation. Subsequent chapters explore matter and energy; organic and inorganic compounds; dermal excretion and thermo-regulation; periodicity and seasonal phenomena; and the life of rivers and lakes. The book also examines parasitism; mating and courtship; natural, artificial, and sexual selection; cultivation of plants; and domestication of animals. This monograph will be useful to research workers, degree students, and others interested in biology.In the dissection of all but the very largest types great attention should be paid to the position of the body. ... Tutorial Press, London, several editions; Rowett, H. G. Q., 1950, Dissection Guides (Frog, Dogfish, Rat, Rabbit, Invertebrates), London, anbsp;...

Title:A Synopsis of Biology
Author:W. B. Crow
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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