A Soldier's Saga

A Soldier's Saga

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Twenty thousand young American men were drafted into the Armed Forces during the final month of 1965. A Soldiera€™s Saga tells the story of a newly-married young man who receives his draft notice on December 2nd; which leaves him with only twelve days to get his affairs in order before taking the oath of induction on December 15th. During the first few days and weeks in the Army, his emotions are assailed with fears and uncertainties during the ramping-up of U.S. military forces in a little-known country named Vietnam. What started out as a a€œpolice actiona€ is turning into a war. For those who have never served in the military, the account offers insights into the strict regimen of Army basic combat training; and gives a private look into the innermost thoughts of a man who faces the possibility of having to leave everybody and everything he holds dear in America, and venture into the hostile environment of a jungle combat zone. For the veteran of the Armed Forces, this book is a stark reminder of the personal sacrifices that we all made when we left civilian life and entered military service, whether by induction or by enlistment.showroom, Charlotte commented on a sleek, stylish, canary-yellow car in the showroom. a€œNow, thata#39;s what I call ... It had an AM radio, power steering, power brakes, automatic transmission, and air conditioning. ... Our service manager needs to take a look at your Valiant while we take the Belvedere out for a test drive. May I have the keys to your car?a€ a€œSure thing. By the way, how much does this car cost?

Title:A Soldier's Saga
Author:Harry Garner
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-01-13


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