A Sinner's Prayer

A Sinner's Prayer

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As soon as you thought the drama was over comes St. Marka€™s church goers, Royal, Viola and Krystal. Royal is St. Marka€™s choir director. He is a husband who is trying hard to convince his wife that he can stay faithful and will do anything he can to save his marriage, but another road block stands in the way of his patience and faith when it comes to his teenage son. Viola, is the churcha€™s long time, sassy, straight forward receptionist. She has a way with words and spends no time apologizing for how she feels. Viola spends much time in everyone elsea€™s business while neglecting her own business. She has a teenage daughter, Krystal, who she has aspirations and goals for while Krystal has her own plans for her future. Krystal is fighting for her mothera€™s attention and affections finds herself in an adult situation before she is mentally ready to handle responsibilities. She is a teenager trying to find her way in the world and suffers from low self-esteem.Ia#39;ll go during the day and you can go at night. We can both get ... a€œSince you seem to have an answer for everything else, I thought youa#39;d have a preference on how youa#39;ll like to be when you crossover after mama finishes with you.a€ a€œIa#39;ll handleanbsp;...

Title:A Sinner's Prayer
Author:Tamara L. Cobbs
Publisher:Publish America - 2015-03-08


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