A Signature Sign

A Signature Sign

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The aim of this book is to share knowledge and show the reader a€˜A visual sign in the flesha€™ The details are structured to make it clear to you in a simple and informative manner without being incomprehensible. The subject matter and contents of this book found their place originally starting out as research. The contents are findings that I recorded as I researched during the four year period and found to be of relevance and thus a path to continue. I took to researching into religion as a first step mainly because I had not found anything that fitted the spiritual subject by searching a€˜marks in flesha€™. Since I had a belief in God but perhaps not a true understanding and that I had occasionally attended Church, mainly to be closer to God and at other times visited other places of worship throughout my life, it was a stepping stone which satisfied the overall subject area associated with the image I was seeing. Great effort was made firstly in obtaining clarity images, concentrating on inspection, analysis and assessment. The steps I took to uncover the meaning of a particular occurrence and the progress made by doing so, have enabled this publication to come together. what remains 100% factual above all in this book a€“ is that the SIGN in the flesh is real a€“ even if the other factors are classed as just coincidental This work is aimed at being integrated into the areas of: Blood/skin cell formation - Semiotics/Symbolism - Spirituality - Religion... were taken naturally and not constructed using any software programmes other than that built internally of the mobile phone devices used: Nokia E71, HTC One X, Samsung GT-I9100 and camera Sony DSC-HX9V. It is with my pleasure thatanbsp;...

Title:A Signature Sign
Publisher:ShieldCrest - 2015-09-02


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