A Red State of Mind

A Red State of Mind

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A columnist for the qPhiladelphia Daily News, q Nancy French blends her hilarious fish-out-of-water tale with humorous observations about the South's obsession with everything from church attendance to the blue-state notion that red staters think as slowly as they speak.not only worth fighting for but also worth dying for. My liberal friends have a mantra a€”a€œBush lied, people dieda€a€”that they stick on any vehicle they own or into any conversation they ... Ia#39;m not gonna stopyaif youa#39;re determined to leave, a€ she said. ... Tobe honest, Ia#39;dnever thoughthard aboutthe lyrics to a€œAmericaa€ before Camillea#39;stalent show. ... Ia#39;m not sure what kindof race would haverunners wearing skirts and shades, but in Philadelphia ita#39;s hard to look weirderthan your surroundings.

Title:A Red State of Mind
Author:Nancy French
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2009-10-31


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