A Newbies Guide to Apple TV

A Newbies Guide to Apple TV

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Apple, the groundbreaking computer company that virtually defined home computing, reinvented itself in a big way in the late 90a€™s, releasing a slew of blockbuster products a€“ beginning with the iMac, all the way through to the iPhone and the iPad that we know and love today. There is one product, however, that doesna€™t get a whole lot of press: Apple TV. A low-cost, high-powered streaming media player, the Apple TV is the culmination of a decade of planning. While every media company on the planet has, at some point, tried to take over your television set, Apple is the only company to offer a compelling product that regular people can actually afford. Whether youa€™re a potential cable cord-cutter in the making or just looking for a new way to watch YouTube videos, this guide will teach you the ins and outs of the Apple TV world a€“ everything from setup to using iTunes for sharing your content and beyond. By the time you finish reading this guide, youa€™ll have everything you need to know to get the most out of your new Apple TV. Wea€™ll get you going right now, saving the fluff for people with time to waste.Next, connect yourEthernet cabletoyour router, andthento the Apple TV. Skip this step if youa#39;re going to use WiFi. After youa#39;vemade those two connections, plug the power cableintoa wall socket, and then plug theother endinto your Apple TV.

Title:A Newbies Guide to Apple TV
Author:Minute Help Guides
Publisher:Minute Help Guides - 2013-08-04


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