A Kid's Guide to Stock Market Investing

A Kid's Guide to Stock Market Investing

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Join Sasha and Tim and the rest of their class as they find out how the worlda€™s stock markets work, how they got started, and how everyday people can invest. Meet the Bull on Wall Street, learn the stock market jargon and codes, and even find out what to do if the market should take a tumble. Find out how, with your parentsa€™ permission, you can buy a few stocks yourself. Even if you dona€™t have the cash to invest in the stock market, you can track a fantasy investment and see what happens. Learn how to make your money work for you, and take the mystery out of stock market investing.Immediately, phones begin to ring constantly. Each call is an order from a company, stockholder or other concerned group to buy or sell a stock. ... The stock markets stay closed on holidays and weekends. Even as far back as 1880, the stockanbsp;...

Title:A Kid's Guide to Stock Market Investing
Author:Tamra Orr
Publisher:Mitchell Lane Publishers, Inc. - 2009-09-01


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