A History of Aerodynamics

A History of Aerodynamics

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From the Foreword: 'John Anderson's book represents a milestone in aviation literature. For the first time aviation enthusiasts - both specialists and popular readers alike - possess an authoritative history of aerodynamic theory. Not only is this study authoritative, it is also highly readable and linked to the actual (and more familiar) story of how the airplane evolved. The book touches on all the major theorists and their contributions and, most important, the historical context in which they worked to move the science of aerodynamics forward.' Von Hardesty, Smithsonian Institution From the reviews: 'Something of the unexpected quality of this book can be inferred from its full title A History of Aerodynamics and Its Impact on Flying Machines. Pilots tend to suppose that the science of aerodynamics began empirically, somewhere around the time of Lilienthal and the Wrights, and that aerodynamics and manned flight are roughly coeval. It is therefore surprising to come upon a photograph of the Wright Flyer as late as page 242 of the 478-page volume.' Peter Garrison, Flying 'This book successfully straddles the boundary that separates a text book from a history book. It is of equal interest to both the aerodynamicist and the layman. The textual balance achieved by the author has resulted in a book that is enjoyable and educational.' Earl See, American Aviation Historical Society NewsletterIf the answer to both of the foregoing questions was yes, then some progress might be made. ... The Concepts of Vorticity and Vortex Filaments: Theoretical Advances Due to Helmholtz The impasse presented by the extreme difficulty of ... on their translational motions continuous changes in orientation that can be construed as rotational components of motion. ... An inviscid flow that begins as a simple, uniform free stream far ahead of a body will not be rotational and will continueanbsp;...

Title:A History of Aerodynamics
Author:John David Anderson
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 1998


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