A Handbook for History Teachers

A Handbook for History Teachers

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History is not a mere chronicle of facts, but a dialogue between competing interpretations of the past; it should be taught as such. Teaching history in this way makes it both intellectually demanding and more interesting, while at the same time helps students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become functioning citizens in a democracy. The opening chapters provide the rationale for the study of history, its epistemological basis, and the logic of the discipline. The bulk of the book deals with practical ways to help students acquire, process, and apply information. In particular, it addresses the specific thinking skills required by the discipline, with many effective techniques for helping students to master them. The implications of this approach for teacher evaluation of student work are also addressed.Essay. Rubric. Criterion 1 Unsatisfactory 2 Minimally Acceptable 3 Proficient 4 Outstanding Essay struc- ture Introduc tion Thesis Conclusion (4) Introduction is unclear with incomplete background information. Thesis is vague or miss- ... Uses some sources. Provides some bibliographic information Format has some errors.

Title:A Handbook for History Teachers
Author:James A. Duthie
Publisher:University Press of America - 2012-09-28


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