A Great Undertaking

A Great Undertaking

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Explores the social disruption resulting from industrialization in a Chinese coalmining community at the turn of the twentieth century. Jeff Hornibrook provides a unique, microcosmic look at the process of industrialization in one Chinese community at the turn of the twentieth century. Industrialization came late to China, but was ultimately embraced and hastened to aid the statea€™s strategic and military interests. In Pingxiang County in the highlands of Jiangxi Province, coalmining was seasonal work; peasants rented mines from lineage leaders to work after the harvest. These traditions changed in 1896 when the court decided that the countya€™s mines were essential for industrialization. Foreign engineers and Chinese officials arrived to establish the new social and economic order required for mechanized mining, one that would change things for people from all levels of society. The outsiders constructed a Westernized factory town that sat uneasily within the existing community. Mistreatment of the local population, including the forced purchase of gentry-held properties and the integration of peasants into factory-style labor schemes, sparked a series of rebellions that wounded the empire and tore at the fabric of the community. Using stories found in memoirs of elite Chinese and foreign engineers, correspondence between gentry and powerful officials, travelogues of American missionaries and engineers, as well as other sources, Hornibrook offers a fascinating history of the social and political effects of industrialization in Pingxiang County.Dating back to the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, the islanda#39;s east end contained a temple complex named Ao Pavilion that included a small Wenchang Temple where gentry prayed for good luck on their civil service exams .

Title:A Great Undertaking
Author:Jeff Hornibrook
Publisher:SUNY Press - 2015-04-27


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