A Game of Three Halves

A Game of Three Halves

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The word a€˜uniquea€™ is often wrongly used but, in the case of A Game of THREE Halves, the authora€™s story is indisputably one of a kind. No other writer has worked on the inside for both Aston Villa and Birmingham City while keeping an eye on local and national footballing affairs for more than seventy years. During that period he met, and sometimes worked with, many of the best-known personalities in world football: from Pele to Cruyyff, Busby to Ferguson, Matthews to Cullis, Wright to Banks, Hill to Coleman, Saunders to Atkinson, Best to Francis, and many more. From war-time football to the present day, across eight decades, football has changed so much that not even the ball, apart from still being spherical, is the same as before. The fight to remove the maximum wage, the initially steady and ultimately explosive growth in pay, the arrival and development of European football, the curse of the hooligan, the introduction of the Premier League. A flavour of these developments can be found in these pages. This is not an anoraka€™s football history, but a lively collection of real-life anecdotal memories laced with controversial personal comment. The object of the exercise is simply to be a a€˜good reada€™ while hopefully introducing a touch of football and social history. Here can be found such unlikely characters as an armed robber, an exorcist, some terrified sky divers, half a moustache that a€˜went missinga€™, a factual hungover a€˜Bigglesa€™ and a shoot-to-kill former iron curtain guard. This is a look at football like no other.Often in trying to do so we punctured the inner tube...so out came the puncture repair kit and we started again. ... bath, shower or hot running water either, so the best we could do was what we called a a#39;strip washa#39; at the kitchen sink using water anbsp;...

Title:A Game of Three Halves
Author:Dennis Shaw
Publisher:Paragon Publishing - 2014-12-11


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