A Family Affair: Summer

A Family Affair: Summer

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Heartache. Betrayal. Forgiveness. Redemption. Ita€™s time to head back to Magdalena, New York, and spend a little time with the people we love to love and even a few we love to hate. Eight years ago, tragedy struck the towna€™s perfect couple, Daniel a€œCasha€ Casherdon and Tess Carrick, days before their wedding. That tragedy shredded their dreams of a life together and sent them fleeing Magdalena. Now, destiny has brought them back and the town is determined to see this couple mend their differences. Angelo a€œPopa€ Benito will lead the crusade to march Cash and Tess down the aisle with the help of The Bleeding Hearts Society, a garden group more interested in healing peoplea€™s hearts than helping a sick basil plant. But theya€™re not the only ones cheering for this couplea€™s second chance. Who would have thought Nate Desantro would be giving advice on relationships, love, and marriage? But when a man finds the right woman, anything is possible. Add a baby to the mix; well, thata€™s pure a€œheroa€ material. Christine will offer her share of support and wisdom to Tess and stand up to an old troublemaker in the name of family and friendship. From the fifty-something widow who is afraid to open her heart again to the pregnant friend who believes everyone has a soul mate, to Lily Desantro, the shining light who makes others believe anything is possible, Magdalenaa€™s finest will rally to give Tess and Cash that second chance. But all the prayers and contrivances in the world wona€™t help until Tess reveals the secret shea€™s carried for too many years, a secret that could destroy her chance with Cash forevera€b And if youa€™re wondering about Harry Blacksworth and his brood, youa€™ll glimpse a snippet of what hea€™s up to, but hea€™ll be back in full force in A Family Affair: Fall. Not only thata€”hea€™s moving to Magdalena with Greta and the kids! Can you imagine Harry maneuvering a lawnmower or carrying out the trash? Oh, but his past is going to catch up with him and thena€bSorrya€bHarry has to wait for A Family Affair: Fall to share his misery and his story. For now, enjoy the journey as you catch up on the lives of the residents of Magdalena. Theya€™re waiting for you! Truth in Lies Series: Book One: A Family Affair Book Two: A Family Affair: Spring Book Three: A Family Affair: Summer Book Four: A Family Affair: Fall Book Five: A Family Affair: Christmas, a novella Book Six: A Family Affair: Winter (TBA) Book Seven: A Family Affair: ... (TBA) Bonus Material: The first chapter of A Family Affair: Fall, the next book in this series.Contemporary Romance: Truth inLies Series Book One: AFamily Affair a€“Kindle NookiBooks KoboAudible Book Two: A Family Affair: Springa€“ KindleNook iBooks Kobo Book Three: AFamily Affair: Summera€“ Kindle Nook iBooks Kobo Book Four: anbsp;...

Title:A Family Affair: Summer
Author:Mary Campisi
Publisher:Mary Campisi Books, LLC - 2014-04-01


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