A DP (Displaced Person) Finds American Dream

A DP (Displaced Person) Finds American Dream

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Fragments of World War Two, starting with the first Communist/Russian occupation of Lithuania, June 15, 1940, then the supposed liberation and occupation by the Nazis, June 22, 1941, and then the mad dash with the retreating German army to bombed out Germany to escape the coming liberation by the Russians in 1944, finally surviving allied bombing in Germany, all seen through the eyes of a young boy. The exodus itself, the bombings, the raw survival in bombed out Germany, and finally being herded into DP camps by the allies is like a horror travelogue. This book is about the feelings of adults and children described in words and pictures, is an attempt to tell the world of people caught in a man made storm called war. This is a story of people who have lost everything and must now find, build, learn, and adjust to a brand new way of life. Surviving the war, the DP's, displaced people now had to endure the DP camps, like purgatory or limbo, waiting for a chance to find The American Dream.We rarely damaged private property with bb guns. We also rarely damaged private cars or stole anything. We did break of a car antenna now and then when we decided to make zip guns. The antenna had a perfect size to fit a twenty twoanbsp;...

Title:A DP (Displaced Person) Finds American Dream
Author:Valentine L. Krumplis
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2013-10


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