A Dollar's Worth

A Dollar's Worth

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What's A Dollar's Worth? Enough to change a life. Nate Bradford's life changed the day his parents disappeared in a boating accident. He went from living an idyllic life in Seattle as the son of a police officer and seamstress to that of a troubled teen passed around from foster home to foster home. Alone and angry, he turns to alcohol for comfort. One day, in a drunken stupor, Nate finds a dollar on the street. That dollar changes his life. Nate tries his luck at a nearby casino. When the dollar turns into twenty-five hundred, something inside clicks, and Nate decides to clean himself up. He gets a room at the local rescue mission and starts working out at Gerald's Place. It's an old, grimy boxing gym, but Nate is enthralled with boxing and soon falls under the mentorship of Max 'The Axe, ' who trains him to be the best prizefighter in town. Not only is Nate the best prizefighter in town, but he's also got the best gal in town, Misty. Nate continues to win match after match, but Misty worries that Nate's going to get hurt, and when he lands himself in the hospital after a fight, it puts their relationship to the test. Will Nate lose both his boxing career and the only woman he's ever loved? Joey Chisesi has written special feature articles for various newspapers across the country. A Dollar's Worth is his first novel. He lives in California with his wife. His daughter, Diane, is a technical writer. She lives in Colorado Springs.Then Jennings told Nate how, at the time of the accident, he and other detectives canvassed all the businesses in the area looking for evidence of people buying boat waxes, scratch kits, damage kits, repair kits, any kind of boat repairanbsp;...

Title:A Dollar's Worth
Author:Joey Chisesi, Diane Chisesi
Publisher:Tate Publishing - 2010-08


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