A Documentary History of Slavery in North America

A Documentary History of Slavery in North America

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Documenting multiple aspects of slavery and its development in North America, this collection provides more than one hundred excerpts from personal accounts, songs, legal documents, diaries, letters, and other written sources. The book assembles a remarkable portrayal of the day-to-day connections between, and among, slaves and their owners across more than two centuries of subjugation and resistance, despair and hope. Beginning with a chronicle of the origins of slavery in the British colonies of North America, the collection traces the growth of the system to the antebellum period and includes accounts of slave revolts, auctions, slave travel and laws, and family life. Intimate as well as comprehensive, the documents reveal the individual views, goals, and lives of slaves and their masters, making this engaging work one of the most respected catalogs of firsthand information about slavery in North America.69. Governor. Hammonda#39;s. Instructions. to. His. Overseer. Plantation owners frequently committed to paper the general regulations they intended their overseers to follow in the management of slaves and their other farm property. This was trueanbsp;...

Title:A Documentary History of Slavery in North America
Author:Willie Lee Nichols Rose
Publisher:University of Georgia Press - 1999


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