A Delphic Quest

A Delphic Quest

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Born in Mississippi during the Great Depression, Hollis Ransom regrets the racial and economic injustices about him, but doesn't want to become engaged in social causes, which he regards as complicated, uncertain, and emotionally disturbing. Instead, he prefers to dwell in the world of pure philosophy, keeping his ties to the practical world as simple as possible. After joining the faculty at the University of Georgia, he eventually devotes himself to the traditional philosophical task of self-understanding, but finds that his practical world borders on chaos. He and his wife cannot have children, which pushes him to have an adulterous affair. Desegregation, the feminist movement, Vietnam War protests, student rights, faculty governance, the military-industrial complex, gay rights, and the anti-smoking campaign keep interrupting his search for self-understanding.While Georgia intended to create a PhD in philosophy in another five years or so, it gave priority to graduate programs in science and technology. In addition, neither institution had a department devoted exclusively to philosophy. At Knoxanbsp;...

Title:A Delphic Quest
Author:Robert D. Heslep
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing - 2013-08


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