A Definitive Guide to Mental Health Recovery

A Definitive Guide to Mental Health Recovery

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DescriptionA Definitive Guide to Mental Health Recovery by Jeremy Gluck is a unique, experiential guide to recovering mental health. Based on trainings to mental health services staff, supplemented by thoughtful and very original reflections and explorations of this momentous new development in attitudes to the successful transformation of mental health, and including new and unusual articles and interviews with mental health professionals and service user mavericks, this book is indispensable to a more profound and penetrating understanding of what it is like to recover, what it means to recover and why recovery is necessary and indeed the right of services users.About the AuthorJeremy Gluck is an expatriate Canadian who, with a parallel, successful life in the arts, is now working in the voluntary mental health sector in Wales as a mental health information and research worker. His lifelong experience as a published writer and author has equipped him ideally to write this companion volume to his memoir qVictim of Dreams.qe.g. nutmeg which can produce visual hallucinations, distortion of time and space , and in some cases depression and stupor. My advice is for you to visit your local Health Food shop and discuss the problems at hand with the nutritionist.

Title:A Definitive Guide to Mental Health Recovery
Author:Jeremy Gluck
Publisher:Chipmunkapublishing ltd - 2011-06-01


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