A Course in Grammar and Composition : Intermediate

A Course in Grammar and Composition : Intermediate

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This coursebook has been prepared for students at the intermediate level. The first part of the course deals with grammar and the second part deals with composition. The course in grammar aims to - familiarise learners with the rules of grammar and usage, and - give practice in using the grammatical structures acuurately and appropriately. The course in composition aims to develop learners' ability to write cohesively and coherently using appropriate vocabulary on familiar topics. Minimal teacher guidance will be required to do the tasks. Some of the key features of the book: - Simple and clear explanations: Grammatical explanations are made in simple language with minimal use of jargon. - Focus on form and function: Each topic is dealt with in two parts. The first focuses on the form of the staructure and the second on its function. Extensive practice: The practice section is divided into two. The first part aims to give learners a firm grounding in the form of the structure and the second part aims to enable the learners to use the structure in situations. - Writing for academic purposes: The composition section deals with writing skills that are useful for studying all subjects through English. - Writing for life: The composition section also aims to develop learners' skills for using English for written communication in everyday life.Task 4 Given below is a diagram representing forms of transport. Use the diagram and write an essay of 220-250 words on transport, giving relevant examples for each type of transport. transport sea animal road rail two-wheeler four-wheeleranbsp;...

Title:A Course in Grammar and Composition : Intermediate
Author:Geetha Nagaraj
Publisher:Foundation Books - 2006-03-06


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