8 Funny Detective Stories with Maynard Soloman, Gal-Damn Detective

8 Funny Detective Stories with Maynard Soloman, Gal-Damn Detective

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Since launching with the first short story, Maynard Soloman Solves the War on Drugs, Maynard Soloman has become somewhat of a cult hero. Or a folk hero. Or maybe just confused. Using his vocabulary of insults from bygone days and a decaying RV, the old-timey Maynard Soloman made good on his promise to fix the problems of the modern world one case at a time. Or at least cuss at them until they went away. 8 Funny Detective Stories represents his first eight cases of mystery, malarkey and misadventure. Each combines the slapstick fun of The Pink Panther with the sharp wit of The Onion, if both lived in an RV watching nothing but old Westerns. Fans of Carl Hiaasen's crime fiction humor and Elmore Leonard's bumbling bad guys will enjoy these quick reads. Despite being older than dirt, Maynard is just getting started - so long as the piss and vinegar don't run out. Here are the short stories and bonus features you'll find in this keen collection. Short Stories Maynard Soloman Solves the War on Drugs Maynard Soloman Fixes Social Security and Eats a Pony Maynard Soloman and the Job-Nabbin' Illegal Immigrants Maynard Soloman Proves Santa Claus is Real Maynard Soloman Legalizes Gay Knot Tying Maynard Soloman Takes the Bus to a Strip Club Maynard Soloman a the Bull$hit Cancer Awareness Campaign Maynard Soloman vs. The Kidney Thieves Bonus Features How to Cuss Like Maynard Soloman Maynard Soloman's Two-Beer Critter Marinade Maynard Soloman's Guide to Milk and Cookies 10 Signs Your Kid is in a Cult Maynard's Guide to Tipping Maynard's Guide to Charitable Giving Dr. Maynard's Guide to Kidney Transplants Reviews qMaynard is the philosopher-cum-man-of-action that we all wish we could be, the detective who solves mysteries by turning idiocy against itself.q - Peter Rozovsky, Detectives Beyond Borders (Spinetingler Award winner) qMaynard Soloman is a mobile home-dwelling crime-fighting dynamo. He may not be the brightest bulb in the box, but he sure is amusing.q - Laura Roberts, ePublisher Daily qBenjamin Sobieck has created a unique character in Maynard Soloman. Everyone knows a guy like him, myself no exception. His story has all the sarcastic humor one would expect from the character...Pick this up instead of a crack-pipe.q - Liam Sweeney, author of the Anno Luce series qI recommend to everyone who is looking for a quick read. It's perfect for that pick me up laugh, that bathroom read, that afternoon escape.q - Molly Edwards, Reviews by Molly qMaynard's unabashed ways and sour disposition make for a very entertaining tale.q - Chantal Boudreau, horror authorShea#39;s directina#39; some cute-as-a-button kids working over a Christmas tree. ... Or like you get confused when you go to shopping malls in December?a€ I say. a€œ Santa Claus ... Dona#39;t even give a#39;em a few years to live in candy cane bliss?a€ I say. ... a€œSo if Satana#39;s greatest trick is convincing humans he doesna#39;t exist, and Satan is Santa Claus, arena#39;t you playing right into Satana#39;s hand by saying Santa doesna#39;t exist?

Title:8 Funny Detective Stories with Maynard Soloman, Gal-Damn Detective
Author:Benjamin Sobieck
Publisher:Benjamin Sobieck - 2013-10-21


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