7 Steps to Morning Meditation

7 Steps to Morning Meditation

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Feeling stressed? Anxious? Do you have trouble maintaining focus? Learn 7 steps to start your morning meditation routine! Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device! Meditation can help. For thousands of years, meditation has enabled people to find peace. With this ancient heritage comes scientifically proven benefits. Experienced practitioners have been shown to live healthier, happier, more balanced lives. But how do you start mastering this discipline so that you can gain confidence and calmness? In a new guide, 7 Steps to Morning Meditation, author Clayton Geoffreys offers clear, practical instructions on how to meditate effectively. You'll learn how to select a meditation type, set up the right space, increase your meditation time, and attain the correct posture. Follow the steps Geoffreys has laid out, and you'll have a solid lifelong foundation upon which to build your meditation skills. Here are some examples you will find in the book: Foreword Introduction Why Learn to Meditate? The Top Ten Benefits Of Meditation Step 1: Types of Meditation - Choosing the Best Type of Meditation for You The Five Types of Meditation Choosing the Type of Meditation Best Suited For You How to Get Started Once You Have Chosen a Type of Meditation Step 2: Set Up Your Space - How To Ensure You Have The Right Environment Pick A Room Choose A Theme Select Sacred Items For Your Shrine Step 3: Learn To Sit - Having The Right Posture To Stay Comfortable Different Meditation Postures Be Aware Of Your Body Step 4: Starting Out - Making It Through Your First Sessions Choosing Something To Focus On Using A Mantra A Sacred Artifact or Meaningful Object Focusing On Your Breathing Meditation and Breathing A Simple Breathing Meditation Moving On To More Advanced Meditations Step 5: Keeping It Quiet - Learn To Ignore Your Thoughts Your Brain Is A Thinking Machine Non Identification Letting Go Getting Help From An Expert Step 6: Increasing Your Time How do you know when you are ready to meditate longer? The Plan For Longer Meditation Sessions Working Up To Twenty Minutes: It Gets Easier Step 7: Adding Guided Meditation What Is Guided Meditation? Mental Imagery Mastering Emotions Resources For Enhancing Your Practice Conclusion Final Word/About the Author Find out why so many people have turned to meditation. Grab a copy today and begin your journey to a healthy state of mind. An excerpt from the book: Meditation is a wonderful, blissful practice that offers many benefits for you including reducing your stress levels, helping you to gain focus, assisting with obtaining your goals in life as well as improving your overall health. If you are new to mediation, words such as Transcendental Meditation, Dharma, Yoga Nidra or Kundalini Yoga seem like abstract concepts. Do not worry, because in this book, you will learn the different types of meditation and how to choose the type of meditation that is best suited for you. Tags: meditation for beginners, beginner's meditation, yoga 101, meditation 101, controlling emotions, guided meditation, yoga x, how to meditate, conquering stress, how to relieve stress, vipassana, pranayama, relaxation, benefits of meditation, types of meditation, meditation quotes, mindfulness, morning meditation, deep breathing, relaxation techniques, walking meditation, how to meditateFollow the steps Geoffreys has laid out, and youa#39;ll have a solid lifelong foundation upon which to build your meditation skills. Here are some examples you will find in the book: Foreword Introduction Why Learn to Meditate?

Title:7 Steps to Morning Meditation
Author:Clayton Geoffreys
Publisher: - 2014-08-09


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