7 More Ways Of Sewing For Beginner With 300+ Resources

7 More Ways Of Sewing For Beginner With 300+ Resources

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This is a 2 In 1 box set compilation of 2 books. This compilation includes Mary Kay Hunziger's 2 titles: Book 1: 7 More Ways Of Sewing For A Beginner Book 2: Crafting Is Like you! Mary Kay Hunziger is one of America's most passionate advocates of turning simple craft projects into profitable from passion to profit businesses plus shse is an expert in teaching adults and kids how to sew, how to knit, how to quilt and most importantly how to craft and how to turn these valuable skills into cold hard cash. Mary Kay has written a series of best-selling sewing, quilting, knitting and crafting books. This sewing compilation is the perfect introduction to sewing for beginners. Inside you will get access to her awesome sewing tutorial for beginners that include 300+ sewing resources + even more sewing nuggets that are included in the interactive sewing guide that is included, too. These 300+ sewing resources include places to research and sell your DIY sewing items beyond Etsy, Dawanda, Pinterest. These are sewing places that you probably never even heard of before, but you definitely want to make use of these resources because that is how the sewing and crafting elite is secretly profiting from their sewing passion. If you want to become financially independent with selling your own creations make sure to take a look at the resoruces part because this is how you are able to secretly profit from what you love doing! This is how the sewing and crafting elite is doing it and inside you will find these secret resources so that you can benefit from this knowledge, too! Based on the techniques and instructions that you will find in this sewing compilation, you can quickly, easily and effortlessly learn to sew on a basic level. You will learn basic sewing stitches, patterns and techniques in order to be able to create your very first successful sewing project on your own and without visiting an expensive sewing training course...Take a lookatthese twosewing manual sites, for example: http://www. sewingmachinemanuals.com http://homeappliance.manualsonline.com/manuals/ device/sewing_machine.html You can also look at Vintage Sewing Machine Manuals oranbsp;...

Title:7 More Ways Of Sewing For Beginner With 300+ Resources
Author:Mary Kay Hunziger
Publisher:Speedy Publishing LLC - 2014-07-12


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