7 Easy Moves for Solving Any Word Problem

7 Easy Moves for Solving Any Word Problem

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Say the words, qword problemq and you will see the majority of students cringe. Along with fractions, many students find the idea of working word problems tedious and unnecessary. However, this is quite the contrary. We use words every day to verbalize our needs, wants, and desires. We complete word problems every day. Yet, it seems that once those same complex problems that we work each day are transferred to the pages of a mathematics book, homework assignment, or exam they become qundoable.qWith a well-organized and consistent strategy, you will find word problems are doable. They require critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Using the 7- Moves Method, you will take a qI did it in my head strategyq and transcribe it in a format that is understandable, gradable, and truly representative of appropriate mathematical formulas and equations.A vertical object casts a 5ft shadow with a 62Ad angle of elevation to the sun. ... Figure 1: Diagram From trigonometry we learned we could find the missing sides and angles of a right triangle using the six trigonometric functions. , side opposite Aanbsp;...

Title:7 Easy Moves for Solving Any Word Problem
Author: Jacquinita A. Rose, Ph.D.
Publisher:Grown Folks' Publishing - 2012-03-21


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