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2Face is a man of the streets, but he desperately wants to make a difference in his own way. He spends his time masterminding his way through the underbelly of society. Lying, stealing, and hurting are tools of his trade. The authorities want to catch him, but he has too many friends, and he's too smart. With increasing street credibility, he finds himself basking in the company of gorgeous women and dreaming of even bigger schemes. As 2Face's crimes take on greater meaning, the pressure on him gets more intense. Soon, he's not just worrying about the police but also his friends. He'll have to choose his associates carefully if he has any chance of continuing to outsmart his adversaries. Live life dangerously, and enter a world seldom-seen where street thugs battle society while competing with each other. It's a dangerous game, and failing could be deadly in 2Face: Rise of a Menace.That would really help said 2Face but how much is this gonna cost me I know this comes with a cost? Wea#39;ll chat ... The bottomline use H.O.V.a#39;s resources like he wants to use your money he thought to himself all the while driving a Ford Fusion.

Author:Deiverion Mouzon
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2009-11


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