2+2=4 History with Eyes Open

2+2=4 History with Eyes Open

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I subtitled this book a€œThings I Wish I Could Tell My Students.a€ I could have summarized this as a€œThe Truth, a€ because that is what we arena€™t allowed to tell them. Now we do tell them what happens, and ita€™s the version of it that is made to deceive. Historians vote FDR the greatest president. This is what they are supposed to do. They were not taught that his New Deal destroyed the economy and brought Marxist socialist contradictions into America. My book is intended to reveal the 2+2=5 nature of what we are told about history, ourselves, and Truth.Victor Hugo gives a most beautiful expression of this in his Les Miserables. Plato understood that ... This story is what the movie, The Book of Eli, is about. Other facts about the ... This has caused people to view the New Testament as a a€œ manuala€ on Christianity, completely divorced from its historical context. The religiousanbsp;...

Title:2+2=4 History with Eyes Open
Author:Nathan Patrick Henry
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-04-05


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