2030, the Coming Tumult

2030, the Coming Tumult

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The short-term benefits of unlimited growth are driving the American economic and social model right off a cliff. The author shows how corporations drown out scientists and global elites prosper during economic collapse. He explores the role of monotheistic religions in abetting population growth and downplaying human agency in the current unprecedented crisis and charts the effects of increasing poverty, population migration, and social tension.vide for its continued existence, then indeed its final fate will be indicated by the words Exeunt omnes a€” Finis. ... The activities include deforestation, soil and water pollution, pesticide use, urbanization, development and extension of transport ... Including pollination, the economic benefits of biodiversity in the United States are an estimated $300 billion per year, and ... 2 Jerome H. Barkow, essay a€œBiology is Destiny Only if We Ignore It, a€ Global Survival, editors Ervin Laszlo and Peteranbsp;...

Title:2030, the Coming Tumult
Author:Richard M. Mosey
Publisher:Algora Publishing - 2009-01-01


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