100 Questions and Answers About East Asian Cultures

100 Questions and Answers About East Asian Cultures

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a€œOne Hundred Questions and Answers About East Asian Culturesa€ is part of the Michigan State University School of Journalism series in cultural competence. This guide has sections on East Asian cultures, languages, religions, social norms, politics, history, politics, families and food. The guide is intended for people in business, schools, places of worship, government, medicine, law enforcement, human resources and journalisma€”anywhere it is important to know more about communities. We intended this guide for individuals and for groups. Questions include: What are major differences between East and Southeast Asia? Is it OK to ask Asians a€œwhere are you from?a€ What is the difference between South Korea and North Korea? What type of governments do East Asian countries have? What is the difference between China and Taiwan? Is Hong Kong different from China? Does one culture dominate East Asia? Do Asians value group success more than individual success? Is collective orientation related to a€œfamily honora€ in Asian culture? What does it mean to a€œsave facea€ or a€œlose face?a€ Why do some East Asians apologize so often? What is the humility or modesty value? What are Asian customs for bowing? What are gift-giving traditions in East Asia? Are East Asians generally more reserved than Americans? Why do some Asians take a€œAmericana€ names? Why is everyone named Lee or Kim? What is feng shui? Why do Chinese wear white or black at funerals but red at weddings? There's Japanese kendo and judo, Korean taekwondo, and Chinese kung fu and tai chi. Does Asian culture encourage fighting? What are major holidays for East Asians? How do Asians celebrate the Lunar New Year? What is the meaning of different animal years and the Chinese Zodiac? Are there beliefs about certain numbers in East Asia? What are manga and anime? What is Hello Kitty and what is a€œkawaii?a€ What is a€œhallyu, a€ or the Korean wave? Did karaoke begin in Asia? What is behind the emphasis on respect for elders? Do Asian parents try to control their children's lives? What is Chinaa€™s a€œone-child policy?a€ Why do some East Asians value males more than females? Do East Asians get divorced and, if so, is it looked down upon? Is intermarriage discouraged? Does knowing one East Asian language make it easier to learn another? What are the major languages in China? Is it difficult for East Asians to learn English? Some East Asians seem to speak loudly and some seem quiet. Why? Why are Asians often quiet in meetings or social settings? What gives East Asian eyes their distinctive shape? Do all Asians have black hair and black pupils? Why is plastic surgery so popular in Korea? Can East Asians tell each othera€™s nationality on sight? Are Asians genetically smaller than Americans? Why do Asians come to America for college? Do Asians have to be rich to afford college in the United States? Are math and science emphasized in Chinese schools? Are Asians obsessed with grades? How do East Asian students in the United States afford expensive cars? Do Asians studying in the United States focus on medicine, engineering and business? What is the a€œmodel minority myth?a€ Do people from East Asia work long hours? Why do so many Asians in the United States work at nail salons? Do a lot of Asians run their own businesses in the United States? Does Asia have religious freedom? What religions are practiced in China? How is religion practiced in Japan? Are South and North Korea religiously similar? What is traditional Chinese medicine and does it work? What is the life expectancy in Asia? Is Asian food spicy? Is Chinese food in the United States like Chinese food in China? Do Chinese eat General Tso chicken in China? Do Japanese eat sushi every day? Why do some Asians eat food like chicken feet? Why do Asians eat so much rice? Why do some Asians decline dairy products? Are chopsticks used throughout Asia? Do some Asians still eat dog meat? Do some East Asians drink a lot of alcohol? This guide is published with John Hile of David Crumm Media, which publishes the Read the Spirit website.Ita#39;s happening withpop music, TV dramas and movies. Ita#39;s called the Korean waveinmany countries, and hallyu in Korean. It began with the release of the movie a€œOldboya€ in 2003, which gained internationalacclaim. Kpop stars havefans aroundanbsp;...

Title:100 Questions and Answers About East Asian Cultures
Author:Michigan State University School of Journalism
Publisher:David Crumm Media LLC - 2014-05-01


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